Saturday, July 19, 2008

listy list

morning chores
move, feed and water broiler chickens
feed and water cows
let the girls down (hens)
deal with the onions
braid some
sort the ones to be ready for the dehydrator
reclaim my wheelbarrow which is full of onions
weed-eat the perimeter of yard and horsemint from fields and garden. i'll have to return bob's weed-eater by the end of the weekend.
take the couch to the dump. it was in my truck last weekend and i missed an open dump by just a few minutes. in true hillbilly fashion it has set in our front yard all week.
on the way to the dump take two chickens to the thompsons for their butchering help. see if shane's interested in helping again this next saturday?
slop out boca's pen before animal control deems my offenses worse than the neighbors.
make little latch by boca's pen.
build another compost bin and slop out area next to cows feeder.
burn brush pile.
work on solar dehydrator. (probably a pipe dream)
walk by my neglected root cellar several times and pine to work on it.


edifice rex said...

Lord, now I don't feel so bad about all the stuff piled up around here that I need to do. I've been meaning to email you that if you would like me to send new tomato seeds back to you (for next year) I will be happy to save you all I can. I didn't know if you will be able to save many yourself. I did not plant every one of the varieties you sent but did plant several and might can get my hands on a couple more varieties.

pablo said...

I used to make lists like these. Sometimes I'd even get about half of the items finished. I don't do that anymore.

Good luck to you, though.

Ron said...

The walk by the neglected root cellar, pining to work on it, cracked me up. I do the same thing. It's the only downside of locating the dumb thing between the shop and house... I have to walk by it all the time. One of these days I'll get so sick of looking at it that I'll just finish the thing. :)

One of these days, I'm gonna write down all the stuff I've been stewing on lately. It should keep me busy for a couple of years. :)

Hope your stomach is feeling better.


tansy said...

haha, tristan was trying to sell adelena on what a beautiful couch it was!

Scott & Jessica said...

Hi there,
My husband and I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and homesteading is something that we have talked about. We were just curious if you have any suggestions on where to find out more on how to get going with it?

Thanks so much for you help and hopefully your little bundle will arrive soon!

karl said...

wow, most of my favorite people in one short list of comments.

annie, thanks we'll see, i'll get back to you. thanks..

pablo, i had to take monday off--sort of a double-down on my list.

ron, oh how i pine to get that thing done. yeah my stomach is better now.

tansy, that is so funny--although he did love that couch.

scott and jessica, there are so many books and resources, i don't know where to begin. one of my favorite inspirational books is back to basics for the rest of it it seems like you are on the right track. there are lots of blogs that are pretty much like the pile. anyone who comments on mine is a great place to dig a little deeper. i need to update my list of favorite blogs. i mostly use rss feed any more so my favorite list goes stale easily.

Kathie said...

So much of your list is hilarious to me, mostly because I can relate. Good luck on getting it all done. I tend to keep a few lists going at all times - must get done, would like to get done, and the ever present pipe dream list...

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