Sunday, June 22, 2008

meals off wheels or local harvest

we still don't make our own tortillas. everything else is local. the most exciting part is the pico de gallo. this salsa isn't true pico de gallo but it is close enough to get me through the next few weeks.

tomatillos are a blessing and we plan to plant them regularly. they are a nice substitution for regular tomatoes for the next little while. the kids love tacos and using store bought salsa is a crime this close to tomato season. tristan is especially fond of fresh salsa.

today is kassi's birthday celebration. we are having a few friends over for home made ice cream and cake. she has been a very lucky girl--almost everyday there has been a package delivery for her. tabitha made her a new blue dress and we got her some little ponies. they are high quality cast plastic. normally we shy away from plastic toys but there are some things that there are no substitutes for this quality and durability.

tristan is THROUGH with kassi's extended birthday celebration. his graciousness has all but run out.

i wanted to build the gate for boca's pen but haven't had the opportunity. i have been picking away at little indoor projects. more bathroom work mostly. it is hard to get anything done when regular maintenance is more than a person can do.
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