Monday, March 29, 2010

big day on the little farm

we accomplished so many things today. i don't know where to start. i know, first thing this morning we weeded the asparagus. chickweed has surprisingly vast root system. there was tons of chickweed and grass. it was a big chore. tristan helped a great deal. here it is finished and amended with compost.

we love asparagus.

the next thing we did was build the boys flowerbeds. tristan drilled all the holes for the screws. here they are on either end of these beds.

the dirt came from when we dug up the calf pen in preparation for deep bedding. the last little bit of it came from the old bathtub where we attempted cucumbers last summer.

here i am busy holding up that shovel.

this is my new hat. i love it. i forget that i am wearing it and the wind blows through keeping things cool.

this is tabitha's new hat. she loves it for similar reasons.

my beautiful wife.

the main reason we got so much done today is because the kids did this all day.

and this,

and this

and this

our next big thing we did was move the mailbox and make a bed around it and our sign.

we need a new mailbox. this one had seen better days when we moved here. i mortised that support beam with a hatchet and spade bit.

it is starting to look really cute, no? that was a ton of work. tristan hauled most of those rock in. i got the big ones, tabitha had to help on the really big one. the dirt came from our jerusalem artichoke bed. we need to re think where they are since they don't seem to thrive there.

tabithia transplanted lemon balm

to the root cellar.

while i raked leaves from the upper paddock and put them in the chicken coop as floor cover.

the cow is looking great these days.

this is the leftover rubble from the seed blocks yesterday.

they seem happy in their new diggs.

cute friendly happy little tomatoes grow now grow.

see what i mean by elegant?

these are just so aesthetically pleasing.

our little greenhouse is almost full. this is where you might find toly grazing.

spring is here in the ozarks.


gratuitous sleeping baby..

happy spring


Rixa said...

I love reading about what you're doing on your farm. I have big plans for my little gardens, but I have to try and stay realistic with the time and space I have!

Pablo said...

Nice post. I guess the family is over the sickness. Glad spring is here.

Lee said...

I love the cedar trays and soil blocks. We got a blocker this year as well, but I'm still trying to figure out how to water them. How have you been watering these (and how often), and are you happy with the results?

jenny said...

You all put me to shame with all you have done already!! good gracious!

I guess my excuse is it is warmer where you are than here. The other night the wwater for the chickens and cats froze over, so still a little chilly to be planting anything. I hope this weekend, we may get some tilling done..

Good idea using leaves in the chicken coop! I'll have to remember that!

Love the photo of sleeping baby!! HEart melter right there!! :o)

Angie said...

So jealous that you are able to do gardening already! Its been too wet here to do anything. We are finally getting warm weather and a south wind! Hoping to get out in the garden this weekend.

katrien said...

I love all these happy happy posts!

karl said...

lee, we got one of those mist sprayers. it has three nozzles of super fine mist. we water three or more times per day drenching them. the mist sprayer really makes it quick and easy.

sheila said...

The kids are looking really healthy in these photos. The heifer is looking good, the sun is shining. I think it's a good thing you are able to spend more time at home. The time goes by so quickly when the kids are growing up. Hope you figure out a way to be home and make it work financially.

Lee said...

Thanks for the details about watering the soil blocks. I've since searched back through your old posts and found the mister mentioned. I was worried this might cause fungus or damping problems, but apparently it does not.

The advice on blocks varies when it comes to watering. Most farming operations seem to use racks and misting from all sides like you are doing. Others suggest sitting them in watering trays and letting them wick it up as needed. Eliot Coleman seems to have popularized blocking, and he suggests keeping them on wood trays with only three sides. He doesn't suggest how to water them, but then his books pretty much never talk about watering at all.

Guess I'll have to hunt down a mister nozzle.

Beau said...

Wow, you have been busy! Seems like with the first nice days, we try to do everything we've been thinking about all winter. Our asparagus bed is awful... just he sort of things you got rid of. Yours looks great!

Ruby said...

The sign looks great, everything looks great, you guys are always an inspiration, thanks for sharing :)

Jessika said...

Very cute, Karl! I must say my best days of all time-- are when we have stayed right on the farm worked from dawn to dusk and come in dirty, hungry, exhausted, and fall into bed with smiles on our grimy faces. Things are looking so very nice! Good job!

Jennifer said...

I love that you are wishing a Happy Spring and the picture above of that beautiful sleeping boy has the window with snow flakes. I love that point in spring where the winter "stuff" is still around.

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