Saturday, March 27, 2010

little building projects and contest

at every opportunity i am building a few seedling trays.

we have finally started to win the battle against damping off. we had a turn in weather. is quite chilly outside today. i had planned on making large soil blocks and migrating the seedlings to larger opportunity. i hope it warms up so we can tie into that this afternoon.

yesterday in the afternoon i built a mineral feeder for the cow. i altered my original plan for several reasons. it was going to be round and mount to a stump in our field. now that we have decided to mostly keep the cow in a pen i decided to make it initially mount on her feeder. once she is confinement i will move it to her pen.

i put the final coat of paint on it this morning. i have a large piece of conveyor belt that will cover this like a heavy flap. she will be able to nose up the flap to get to the minerals.

the four compartments will contain; fertrell salt mix, fertrell conditioner, baking soda, and sea kelp. the flap will shed the elements to keep the minerals reasonably dry.

i also built this, is of my own invention and it's use is novel. it will hang from that hole against a post.

it opens like this:

here it is from the bottom.

the first person to guess what this is will win a bar of our lavender soap. i will continue to add clues until someone gets it. the winner must comment on the blog not at FB where my posts copy automatically.

most excellent guesses it is not:
suet feeder
thread feeder


Amy Lagerquist said...

Suet feeder, or perhaps a collection vessel for birds to grab thread and lint and other "scraps" for their nests?

Melly K said...

Is it an upside down planter? or something for the bees?

mw said...

Is it a bat box?

Ed said...

Well that is obviously a do-hickey though I'm not sure what you call it.

sheila said...

My 1st thought was something to do with bees. Then I'm guessing a way to raise food for the chickens. I'm thinking fly larva aka maggots. Or maybe a small cage to raise butterfly caterpillars in? Must be something about the hardware cloth that says to me that it has something to do with insects.

Ron said...

A place to store soap near the orchard?

Very nice seed trays.


BeanMama said...

ooh, oooh, is it a grub-maker? You know you have maggots that feed and then when they burrow down to become flies they fall out and the chickens eat 'em.

Stephanie said...

A japanese beetle trap, when they die they fall through the bottom and the chickens can eat them?

Amy Lagerquist said...

What a brilliant idea! If we had Japanese beetles here I'd totally make one!

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