Sunday, March 07, 2010

i am scared to admit it

i am so content and happy that i am scared to own up to it for fear that the carpet might get jerked out from under me.

really, i have had tons of crappy stuff happen to me through the years. most of it i deserved. i am pretty sure that i don't deserve to be this happy. from a karmic perspective i am barely keeping up with the minimum payments.

lately it has been pretty blissful around here. we are making noticeable farmstead headway. my kids impress me every day. they are interesting, really interesting. is there anything better than being interesting? oh, i could wax on about how brilliant they are or how artistic or athletic. although they do possess all of those admirable traits mostly i am happy that they are interesting. after all i am their father.

my wife is wonderful and i'm sure that i don't deserve her. she just made the most incredible sour dough bread. ok there are plenty of things better than sour dough bread, i just can't think of any right now. we just spent the last two days working extremely hard on yard and garden stuff. my muscles feel it. i want to get her one of these:

she deserves it. we had a much cheaper version made by lodge. it hasn't stood the test of time. well, a brief year of babying it doesn't really count as a test. anyway we have a le cruset skillet and it is worth every penny that i spent on it many years ago.

i am generally feeling very blessed. ok, i'm unemployed and that kinda sucks. i did donate some effort to bob's church. they needed their windows repaired. i did most of the work already, tomorrow i'll put on the finishing touches.

we are preparing for our pastured poultry offering to the locals. we have decided to charge $2.50 per pound. having gone over the costs and expenses it is the best deal we can offer. people seem interested. we will take a deposit to assure that interested parties get birds reserved.
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