Friday, March 26, 2010

van gogh

kassi has been expressing a serious interest in art for several months. she draws for a measurable percentage of her day--everyday. it touches my heart in a special place having supported myself for several years as a graphic artist. supported being a relative term. i was a starving artist in san diego california. my beachfront studio apartment rent was more than my last year monthly income. it is all relative.

kassi has been telling me very often that she wants to be an artist when she grows up. so yesterday i sat down with couple of my impressionist books and looked through them with her. she was blown away by van gogh. we spoke about how he created layers within his work using the pallet as texture.

later that evening she got out her tempura paints. after a while i heard her crying from the kitchen. she was upset that she couldn't paint like those paintings she saw earlier. i consoled her "not to worry, if she practices she will paint exactly how she desires someday." she already is expressing a confident voice and is very prolific.

she is undaunted and loves anything artistic. whatever she does in her life, i am sure that she will always love art. her world is filled with the beauty of a child's fresh lens. flowers have a special meaning in her mind that i cannot grasp. finding a simple violet brings her such glee. you can almost see her vibrate.
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