Thursday, March 18, 2010

onions are in, potatoes are next

this morning i had to got to the local unemployment office. it was tolerable. being in branson their unemployment rate is extremely high. they are very sympathetic. the guy that interviewed me was just a temp himself. i wished him luck in keeping his job permanently.

when i got home i arrived with another pear tree. even though our first pear tree alleges self pollination they do better in pears. we quickly transitioned to gardening mode. i started my tiller and masticated the lower half of the garden. there was a partial cover crop of turnips that got munched into the soil. i am so pleased with our tiller. i read about no-till methods and rest happily in my chosen gardening method. i like to see the dirt. i like marching through the deep loamy soil that we have created over the past few years.

i also arrived with new soaker hoses. our old ones are starting to give up the ghost. i am trying a new technology. these hoses have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. they are made by gilmour and employ a fire-hose style technology. they are stitched into a flat ribbon. the water weeps from the stitches. i am already very happy. they were a breeze to set-up and i can see that they will tear down and store much better than our hard rubber versions that are slowly dying.

we also scouted the new tree locations. while in the orchard tabitha trimmed one of the apple trees. i hung a bar of lye soap over the peach tree trunk. this should coat the trunk during rains and deter insects that might like to eat my peaches before i can.

we have decided to replace the coral cattle panels with goat panels. no we are not getting goats again. we want to see if we can keep the chickens in the lower paddock. we really like letting them out to be happy chickens but once the spring garden is in they must stay out of it. i know people swear that their chickens are the biggest garden help eating bugs and stuff. we have not had that experience. they like tomatoes and that won't do.

our winter wheat is up and is very pleasing to see.

this will get tilled in as green manure just before we plant in this area.

tomorrow will be potatoes and pear trees.
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