Saturday, March 20, 2010

jack frost gives us little more

today potatoes got planted.

they are in that trench on the left. we'll cover them little by little as they sprout.

pear trees were also planted.

this is the bartlett.

we were a little late getting to the seedlings with chamomile tea. we lost a few to damping-off.

so we decided to start some more. here tabitha is making the tiny soil blocks.

it is kinda like the texture of peanut butter.

aren't they cute?

this will be a tray of spinach.

all in all it was a good day. i even got some plywood for more shelves. we are in need of places to put books. i also got some wood for the boys raised beds. they need to be like kassi's. the weather people are divining snow this evening.
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