Thursday, March 11, 2010

tabitha's google-fu is profound

near ten years ago i bought some paintings from a St. Petersburg artist. my friend boris introduced me to them. he told me the artists name and that he is a significant russian artist. i just liked them and had the disposable cash necessary to buy them. i promptly forgot the artist's name.

i never perused to find out his name since it is signed in russian and my key board doesn't go there. each of the three paintings has the title written on the back of the linen. they are also signed there again. i always joke that they'd be my inheritance to my kids. they are the only remaining morsel of my years of decadence.

last night toly asked tabitha what that said on the paintings. it was the artist signature. tabitha asked me his name. oops.. i only knew his name for a brief moment in time and now had to own up to that fact. i said sorry baby i forgot. the paintings hang in our living room.

tabitha somehow found a onscreen keyboard way to type out his name. then she copied it and translated it. guess what, he came up on wiki. how cool is that. by this time toly had fallen asleep. this morning we were excited to tell him that the artist also bore the same name, only spelled anatolii. he loves it.

this is titled the daughter of elvis дочь эависа лресаи.

our seedlings are doing marvelously. they survived their first night out, for those of you that were concerned.

spring is coming upon us quickly.

kassi is resisting her pathological compulsion to pick every one of them. she is so excited.

astrid is doing very well.

this is the side of the barn that i finished yesterday.

here is the other side and my block and tackle.

this is the beginnings of deep-bedding that tabitha and i worked on the other day.

we also burned off the old pig pen and plan to plant our sweet potatoes here.

jocelyn is looking very good these days.

the strawberry beds are already starting to come to the front.

tristan running to see what i'm up to.

tabitha's wonderful sour dough bread

this is just after breakfast.

the kids love it. even the crust--we have crust issues here..
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