Friday, June 16, 2006

blueberry picking

we took the kids berry picking. they had a blast. it was a huge treat for them. tristan dressed all in blue for the occasion. kassi won't be seen in anything except pink. i swear to God that we have made every attempt to not socialize her to like girly things and she still does. at this point we just go with it.

kassi is offering you a berry, just take it.

this is where all the good ones come from.

see how many i stole from daddys bucket?

geez those blueberry muffins were good. lets go look at our booty.

whew that was a big time.

me too


uncle matt said...

Those are the best pictures of the babies I've seen in months! It makes me miss y'all even more! Dammit, you're gonna get me choked up again! Thanks for posting them. BTW, thought you'd be wearing a kilt while pickin' those berries? Looks like the proper weather!

Danielle said...

So much fun! Let me know if you make blueberry icecream with that milk and those berries!

pablo said...

Beautiful children. Beautiful day. I especially like how your boy wanted to dress in all blue for the occasion. You're raising clever kids.

Phoebe Gleeson said...

great stuff!

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