Wednesday, June 28, 2006

farmstead photos

these are the girls

this is romeo and enrique they are hiding from the girls. all those hens gang up on them and they are constantly in hiding.

tasty tasty yellow squash.

yum, tomatoes are forming.

these are from the bean arch. rattlesnake polebeans. they are sweet and tender with little purple streaks.

this is our mole retardant castor bean plant. the leaves are huge.

this just before we picked a mess for dinner.


Danielle said...

Very nice pics! Your hens look so healthy, so pretty! The Castor bean plant is very beautiful! I love it. It looks so tropical. We've got tomatoes on the vine as well. I'm so excited to eat their flavorful flesh!

Angie said...

Hello! I don't think that I have commented before although I have been reading for quite a while. Tabitha and I used to both go to the hyena chat. Does the castor plant work? We have a mole problem and are always looking for new solutions.

squire said...

Can the castor been be eaten?

sugarcreekfarm said...

Yum, beans! Ours aren't even blossoming yet, but should be soon.

Abigail said...

Niels liked the chicken picture and wanted to know if there were baby chickens yet.

uncle matt said...

The produce look almost as delicious as the chickens! Yum! Although, correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand castor beans are deadly poisonous? They also make serin poison from it. I'm very serious. BTW, thanks for the words on your last entry. Mayday will be missed by everybody she touched.

karl said...

thanks guys, i was beginning to wonder if i was too boring.

danielle, we only have a few tomatoes at that "photo-stage".

angie, yes they seem to work. we have only had one mole incident. moles are usually rampant here.

squire, castor beans are extremely poisonous. the beans especially so. we plan to not let them flower and hence form beans. the plants aren't life threatening like the beans.

sugarcreekfarm, i highly recommend the rattlesnake pole it is the best bean i have ever eaten.

abigail & neils, new baby chickens will be coming in the mail in about 3 weeks. these girls have to wait for their rooster to come of age.

matt, we'll miss mayday too. all castor poison comes from the seed/bean. i think it is ricin and is a very painful way to go.

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