Saturday, June 17, 2006

kassi's birthday celebration

we expect anna, chuck, peyton, drew and brett from springfield. john and pam will stop by too. we'll have homemade icecream fresh blueberries and a big time. we also expect a storm this morning. our garden would like that. i cleaned the tub, toilet and sink yesterday. i took the drain, toilet seat and faucet escutcheon apart for a deep cleaning. the toilet seat was the worst for obvious reasons. having two small kids with questionable aim means that crud forms where it normally wouldn't. hospitals aspire to the depth of my cleaning.
we have to tie up plants before the high winds of the storm. i'm off... pictures to come, also look for the weekly panorama very soon.


Danielle said...

Wow, you clean bathrooms, too! You're awesome! Now if you put some walls or soji screens or some such other privacy for the bathroom I would say you were a super hero!

karl said...

tabitha says the kids will knock over soji screens. anyway if we had any bathroom privacy i'd have missed tristan siting on the pot holding his nose while reading a book. it was too cute.
i'd like to get a tri-fold soji screen with pictures of the kids as the infill instead of the traditional rice paper. we could keep it folded out of the way most of the time--mostly for visitors. this might happen since tabitha's mom is coming for two weeks in august.
the bathroom is too small for yet another permanent dividing wall

Danielle said...

I guess that is pretty funny and if the kids grow up without walls it will never be an issue. I just have hungups with people seeing me on the pot holding my nose! :o)

Yeah, I was thinking about that (kids knocking over screens) and I thought of maybe some hooks or eyelet screws in the cieling then you could hang some sort of fabric for visitors with string strung through the hooks. Oh well, if you don't figure it out, mom will just have to hold it, use the woods, or break down and get over her hangups with privacy.

Danielle said...

P.S. Thanks for the cranberry suggestion. Is that too much sugar though?

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