Saturday, June 10, 2006


yesterday afternoon i partially unfurled the big tarp i got for the root cellar moisture barrier. it is huge 48' by 20'. the kids were outside playing in the sprinkler and decided that we needed an ozark slip-n-slide. the kids were naked, sorry no pictures. they had a blast kassi was scared at first but i eventually grabbed a piece of soft rope and slowly pulled her down hill at a slow speed. she warmed up to the idea very quickly and soon both kids were careening at break-neck-speed down our sloping back yard. i'll use remaining HUGE piece of the tarp as a temporary roof for the milking barn, fountain pond liner, hay-bale tarp and possibly a liner for a homemade solar storage tank.
tristan came down with some flue last night, fever, aches and pains, and headache. the poor boy. it has been so hot here that the afternoons are better left to sitting in the shade with a huge iced tea and sweating--or careening down a slip-n-slide.
the battle of the organic garden continues. we have had several visitors--you can see our garden from the road. everyone had said "you can't grow tomatoes without seven dust" and "how much top soil did you get hauled in?" our response has been "NONE and we are gonna give organic gardening a try."
we have spent a fortune on soaker hoses. they are so great. i can't imagine watering without them. we have a huge surplus of tomato plants in case organic yields are low. if they are not low we'll be canning like crazy. salsa, tomato sauce, whole tomatoes and tomato paste. we are also going to attempt ketchup and maybe sell some of them at a little stand. our road has plenty of traffic to support a little stand but we have had a few creepy visitors so we might take them to the weekly farmers market the next town over.
cousin bruce has offered us some canning jars but we have to empty them of their ancient contents first. our compost bin will love having the nutrients. i'll have to add extra hay to the process to balance the new influx of green matter. my second batch of compost is almost ready and my bin system is already over loaded. maybe i'll start another pile just for the new addition. this will keep my compost system from bursting at the seams.
the bean arch is coming on--there are several runners that have reached the top (8 feet high). the squash and pumpkins are huge. we have been eating new potatoes. i'll take photos of the garden this afternoon.
tabitha has several friends that i read their blogs. i feel self conscious about posting--so i hardly ever do. and yesterday was a prime example but i would like to make one statement and put it out there. children are a combination of the two parents not only genetically but socially--especially strong character traits. if something about your spouse troubles you to the core you should be able to discuss it and address it, otherwise your children will adopt compensating roles or similar traits. i relish the idea that my kids turn out like tabitha and i--or not. kids are their own person and can rise above adversity but should they needlessly have too?


farmgirl said...

Your garden is amazing! Everything looks and sounds fabulous. LOVE the bean arch--and the photo of Tabitha in it. (At least I assume it's Tabitha).

Thanks so much for the offer of the huge billboard tarp thing. Sounds GREAT. I have tons of uses for it already. I'm sure we could figure out delivery somehow. I'll check a map to see where you live.

Wow, I need to get out in the garden. Feel like a slug compared to yours! : )

P.S. In response to your canning salsa recipe request, fellow gardener and FF reader Jeph posted his grandmother's recipe (that I think uses 20 pounds of tomatoes for one batch). Did you happen to find it?

pablo said...

two things:

Where did you get this wonderful tarp? I need to find a replacement for my shelter tarp, and I'm having trouble finding one large enuf that isn't FEMA blue.

For the record, I have NOT been down there for a visit, so I'm not one of the creepy visitors you have had.

Danielle said...

Where did you get the tarp?

pablo said...

Oh yeah, it was a billboard advertisement, wasn't it. Very large and very durable. Also, very resourceful.

karl said...

farmgirl, my email is my name. firstname at lastname dot com there is an extremely strong spam filter on that email address so keep trying if i don't get back to you withing a day. we can negotiate the transfer once we are off public space.

danielle & pablo

i don't have any real secret 'cept a very cool neighbor. he is a pack-rat and i guess his son is even more-so. his son is the one that came up with them. i guess they have gotten plenty of them in the past but tom only had one extra that he says i can have--for now. most people would frown on a neighbor with stuff laying around everywhere. i am intrigued and appreciate his treasure. i have him on a large-mouth-mason-jar & food-grade-55-gallon-drum quest for the moment. he also got me several 10 gallon buckets with 1/2 turn screw on lids--perfect to fit a 50# bag of grain.

pablo, in a few weeks i'll see if there are any more tarps available.

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