Thursday, June 15, 2006


this is the chicken tractor. it is made out of electroplate metal tubing (cheap stuff), chicken wire and corrigated steel. it is strong and light, so light that we weigh it down at night with rocks on all the corners.

we have a troublesome automatic waterer that clogs with algae every few days and three wall mounted bin feeders. here is the original description and when it was still clean and chickenless

our bean arch is filling in.

the arch is a nice shady spot in the garden


Brad Bachelor said...

I tried automatic waterers off and one for a year. I never could get them to not plug up. I just change the five gallon can every day for our broilers.

Someone suggested a little bleach in the water to kill the algea. I just couldn't do that though. Let me know if you figure something out. I do enjoy your blog.

karl said...

thanks brad, we'd never use bleach either. however, i'm considering colloidal silver, no risk of argyria in their lifespan. but that'd be a little pricey for broiler chickens that'll be headless in a few weeks. these chickens have a new 10' by 10' area per day and that square foot+ for a waterer is considered a premium. we might resort to it though.

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