Sunday, June 04, 2006

spring blogging slow down

sorry about the lack of posts lately. work around here has been overwhelming. the garden, cows, chickens, root cellar, yard work, and helping mike buck hay has taken every ounce of spare time. our garden is really looking great. we have some potato blight that really frustrates me. our tomatoes have aphids and nothing but hand squishing them seems to work. our pole bean arch has started to fill in. it looks so organic that it pleases me immencely. we have planted more edamame i hope it grows like crazy. the kids really love it. we have put up fencing to train our squash, pumpkins and cucumbers and suspend them from--any old panty hose can be sent our way.

we got another big bale of fresh hay for the cows from jack--he is such a nice guy (salt of the earth). i got a few yards of creek gravel for the bottom and around the walls of the root cellar. this will be great for drainage. i got a huge piece of vinal to cover the cellar earth/poly bag walls and roof before i cover them with dirt.
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