Wednesday, June 28, 2006


we are so blessed. this sunflower is in our little flowerbed just in the front yard. we didn't plant too many things that weren't staple food items. it is nice to sit on the front porch and enjoy--heaven on earth right here on our little farmstead. as we get a handle on our survival tasks we will incorporate more beauty and aesthetic agenda items. our house is still not painted. we started to prime the south wall but new fires usually overturn our plans. the beginning of each weekend is a triage assessment. after we are sure the garden, livestock and ourselves will survive for one more week we look at our long list of things to do. the root cellar, the milking shed and paint the house are weighing heavily on me.

we harvested our first batch of edamame. kassi loves it she couldn't wait until dinner. we have been buying them in organic frozen packages. the kids have always liked them but kassi simply wouldn't stop once she tasted them. she ate most of our first little harvest all by herself. she was making little yum yum um yum sounds the whole time she ate them. tristan ate half of a cucumber straight from the harvest basket. it is a constant struggle to keep the kids from repeatedly eating cherrios for every meal. having fresh fresh food really helps to win the battle. also having a surplus garden harvest means that the kids aren't psychologically hindered by portion sizes or having to finish their plate because of the normal cost of organic vegetables and general waste concerns. besides, the chickens really appreciate the table scraps.


Danielle said...

I can totally relate to not getting the full harvest to the sink to wash before little hands devour the bounty. Yesterday I was picking raspberries and as soon as they would drop in the bowl, I hear a little voice say, "rapberry" and "mmmmm". When I moved on to the green bean pickin' it was much different. "Green Bean", "mmmmm". Joe and I are so glad that our son loves fresh, raw vegetables. No cookin', saltin' or butterin' required. He just loves it all raw. What a blessing to have him crave green beans as opposed to french fries. I'm so there with ya, brother.

vintagechica said...

What a wonderful post...Ill have to try edemame beans homegrown next year. We buy them frozen too, but the boys devour them. But we havent had a pea yet that has actually made it to the table. As soon as they see those pea pods get fat and happy...the peas inside are gone! We're almost ready to harvest the beets, so please tell your FIL that he is invited for dinner and some interesting conversation. Cheers!

serina said...

My first post here. =) I browse your blog from time to time. It give me, a homesteader wanna-be currently living in the city, a breath of fresh air.

Interesting thoughts on the cost of organic veggies, finishing the plate, waste, etc. I find myself tempted to make the kids finish every last bite, especially if 1.) the food cost a lot to make, and/or 2.) I took a long time preparing it. How freeing it must be to just munch those veggies from the garden and not worry about all the other stuff!

On a related note, our freshly picked sugar snap peas didn't make it home from our CSA farm. They car ride was full of happy eating noises.

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