Wednesday, June 07, 2006

progress on the root cellar

i rented a pipe threading die yesterday. the pipe that ran through the root cellar has been cut, new threads cut into it and re routed. i installed a main shut off valve and hose faucet in the back of the cellar. it will be great for adjusting the humidity in the root cellar.
tom came by and helped. he went and got his loader and filled the the bottom 3-4 inches with the creek gravel that we got the other day. we installed the the drainage pipe and ran it out away from the cellar. i'd like to get started filling the bags with dirt. i have an inspiration to make a combination tube/shovel that scoops and fills the bags in one motion.
i have found an auction house that has steel clad re-enforced insulated panels. i'll use them for the roof of the cellar. i will still use some steel angle as additional support and a three inch concrete steel re-enforced slab on top of that.
my main obstacle is the the door. i'll need to get the door and figure it into my entry. a visit to the habitat for humanity re-store might be my next move. i hope they'll have some insulated steel clad doors that i can cut shorter and install opening inward.


Danielle said...

I've seen something like what you are describing with the "tube/shovel and scoop". It was on a show called "American Inventor" and the guy invented this tube scoop to fill sand bags. It was really cool and worked really well, you only need one man to do the job.

pablo said...

Photos. We want photos.

karl said...

danielle, wow, i'd like to see that show. is it a pbs show?

pablo, you just need to come for a visit. the garden is impressive, i can say that cause it is mostly tabitha's effort.

Danielle said...

No, it was on ABC or NBC or FOX or some such other major station. It was a reality show that was looking for the best American Invention and the winner got a ton of money and backing to make their invention better.

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