Friday, August 18, 2006

allergy reaction

two days ago i went into the barn, moved some hay around and came out with my face turning red and feeling very funny. my breathing felt constricted and my face swelled up. i ran up to the store and got some benedryl. i took a shower and neti potted my sinuses. i then proceeded to be relatively incapicitated for the next two days. this lifestyle isn't conducive to taking a few days off. i have been playing catch-up ever since. benedryl, like all other drugs, really affects me.


Ed Abbey said...

I have had my face turn red, breathing constricted, face swelled and felt funny, but I was stung about twenty times in it minutes before by honey bees. Did you doze off in the hay and have a wild swarm rest on your face?

Hope it gets better.

stella said...

i can't take benadryl. it doesn't get along with me.

i have problems being around wheat chaff...i can't breathe. i found out the hard way accompanying my dad to the grain mill to drop off our annual crop.

hope you're on the mend!

uncle matt said...

Uh, Dude, that sucks. Bummed for 'ya. I know it takes a lot to knock you out. Hypochondria or not, sorry to hear about it. I'm sure there's gotta be a black gunpowder recipe somewhere! In the meantime, snortin' cayenne pepper is a great cure-all! Your nose will burn so badly that everything else will seem like a walk in the park! Ed Abbey posed a good question too, regading the swarm of resting honey bees.

Danielle said...

I doubt honey bees swarmed you and you forgot to mention it! :o)

Are you going to wear a mask from now on when you sweep out things?

I have facial swelling, hives and difficulty breathing when I take ibuprofen. So I don't take it anymore.

pablo said...

I've been lucky not to have any allergies, but in recent years, I have found myself coughing a bit more when I'm in the woods. I haven't really paid attention to what time of the year this happens, and I suspect it has something to do with pollen time for some flower or tree. Nothing as debilitating as what you've experienced, but I suspect a fellow of your vigor won't be kept down long.

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