Monday, August 21, 2006

the great cow chase.

friday we took nimue, our milking cow, over to get bred by one of mikes bulls. sadly we had to take merlin also. he needs to be there to take all of nimues milk since we can't milk her while she is there. nimue is easy to get back on lead she loves grain and can be managed by it very easily. merlin on the other hand is a naughty little boy. he integrates into the juniors of the herd and won't be caught by any reasonable means. i chased him around a bit just after church. yes, we might have found a new church--more on that later. he used the bull as interference and i stay away from him because they are ridiculously unpredictable. i gave up and returned home until late afternoon. when i came back, i came packing--a large bag of grain. i managed to bribe the entire herd in the center paddock, merlin and company loose in the other two. the dividing fence between the two larger paddocks is not calf proof. at first he had a few cohorts to foul up the catching process. i somehow, mostly luck, got them into the center paddock also. then the chase was on. i ran merlin, making him run twice the distance as i, around the peninsula of the southern paddock. he went back and forth finally he shot past me. at this point i was getting mad. he then went straight for the closed gate. i creep-ed past him forcing him back into the peninsula he ran back and forth until he was visibly tired. at this point, i was running on sheer anger. finally he ran into the fence leaning against it breathing very heavily. i shot toward him and grabbed his halter. caught... i was dripping sweat dragging an unwilling calf, the quarter mile home. after i got home and the adrenaline quelled, i realized that i hurt my foot. the pain is deep in my foot near the top above the arch. it hurts to walk on but when i stand on tip-toe it seems better. i am sure that nothing is broken but nothing really stops the dull ache and ibuprofen only keeps the sharp pain at bay while walking. needless to say i'm not working at bobs today. i'll do some computer work instead.

anyway, whats up with all the afflictions? today is comparably cool and i could get lots of necessary farmstead stuff done. instead, i'm laid up and running after the kids--probably on my foot way too much for it to get better.
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