Thursday, August 10, 2006

canning continues

we have this baaad arse pressure canner. it is pretty large but it's best feature is it has a metal to metal seal and is made by wisconson foundry. there is a very cool safety mechanism that blows fairly easily without fail and it has a rocker type pressure calibration. tabitha's mother got an identical one at a garage sale but sans the rocker pressure calibration. so we found that the new rocker type will retro-fit into the oldschool toggle type port. so we ordered a new nipple-vent and rocker weight. now we have two state of the art pressure canners. they are big enough to hold several quarts but they both still fit on our stove top. henry ford would be jealous of our production abilities.

we went to arkansas and bought three bushel of peaches and tabitha has put up forty or so quarts of peaches--peach pie, peach cobbler, peaches and icecream, peaches and french toast, and just plain peaches.

tomatoes are next she already has done a few batches but we should start seeing them really come-on. the yellow bush beans are threatening to really come-on soon also. we'll can the crap out of them too.

have i mentioned lately that i have a good woman. not only because she is spending countless hours canning but she's just a good woman and mother. the last photo from the left tomatoes, pickled beets, peppers and below is a couple more tomatoes then canned pumpkin. by the weekend i'll have the pumphouse cleaned out for pantry storage.
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