Monday, August 28, 2006

caster rama

our caster bean plants have grown so much that they obscure most of our garden from this vantage. the bean arbor has started to produce beans again. we continually picked the meager harvest and bore beans in hopes that we'd have a second wind. we'd like to get several more good harvests out of the rattlesnake pole beans. they are tastier than any green bean i've ever had. we'll put them up in the pressure canner and relish in their savory flavor during mid winter.

we have a big row of red swiss chard that i'll attempt some method of extending into the colder months. it'll probably be some form of cold frame or hoop green house. we also have a few rows of beets (my personal favorite). i just came back from the feed-store with a large package of turnip seed. we will attempt to plant them very soon. when the current arugula bolts i'll seed in around the swiss chard in the coldframe/greenhouse--fresh greens well into the fall / early winter.

***** chicken massacre update *****

the wire cloth was effective in staving off the invaders--no more killed chickens. the live-trap on the other hand was tripped with no resident. i'll try that again tonight. there is a easy trip setting that i'll change to the harder setting.

the new puppy is great she is still very scared whenever anyone opens the door but is getting better. she does a few naughty things but we are working on them and she tries to please it's just we need to 'click' on our communication. the kids and tabitha really seem to like her. she tries to herd the chickens which i wish she wouldn't do but that is her nature being part shepard.

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