Sunday, August 20, 2006

pound rescue

we did it, we got another dog. we named her rosie. she is a mix with some chow, shepherd and maybe some terrier and is probably her own aunt. she is mellow yet playful--very passive. they had her about a week. she came in almost dead starving and infested. she has recovered fine and seems to just appreciate that we took her home. the kids seem ready for a puppy especially one that is a bit older and much more mellow. she doesn't nip and bite and she is very passive yet already sees kassi as her equal. even in kassi's most commanding voice she isn't taken seriously. that will work out too.

rosie will be an outside dog and seems to prefer it that way. she won't even come into the front porch without coaxing. she kinda wants to chase the chickens a little but they are just fun for her. we'll nip that bud. she tries to please and has a good attention span. hopefully that means she'll be easily trainable.

i think that the whole family is ready for this dog and i am sure that rosie is ready for us.
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