Sunday, August 13, 2006

today we are celebrating tristan's 4th birthday

tristan wants a tiered stepped cake--kinda like a wedding cake. i imagine that he has some how calculated that there will be extra frosting this way. the cake should be chocolate and the frosting should be blue. tabitha found natural food color somewhere online. our kids freak-out after artificial coloring.
we are having a little get together. there will be a piñata. i am not exactly sure of all the piñata rules. do you blindfold all the kids and give each of them a bat? just kidding. we only have one bat anyway. i'll try to make a video of some of the event. i know that you hang up the piñata and have a controller holding the other end of the rope at to adjust the height for each child. plus isn't it proper to allow all the kids to miss one time through then let them really have at it? iv'e seen lame piñata events where the kids cannot break the piñata. i doubt that'll be a problem with my feisty son.

i have been working on a design for an uber blogsite that tabitha and i both contribute to. this blog (pile of omelays) will, in essence, remain the same. i have also been researching blog technologies. the hosting service that i use for is integrated with wordpress. there is no hurry since nothing will change until winter--if it does. there are many reasons for this but mostly we need to document our garden better. this will be a shared to the panopticon yet a personal knowledge base. things like avoiding successive plantings in the same location are very important. another example is: to avoid early blight in the tomatoes the soil must be amended before planting with corn meal. a beneficial mold grows and gets established living off the corn meal. allegedly, this mold is pervasive and allows no other molds, including early blight, to grow. this additional blog should logically be married with a kitchen blog since our whole reason for a garden is to eat organically. important kitchen documentation would be: how many quarts of what were put up? which recipes were used for spaghetti sauce, canned salsa and pickles. can acorn squash really replace pumpkin in a pie? to this end, things like categories will become more important. anyway...

speaking of spaghetti sauce, tabitha put up fourteen pints (one pressure cooker's worth). it took an amazing thirty pounds of tomatoes for a mere fourteen pints of sauce. that ratio is roughly two pounds of tomatoes per pint. the kids can eat pasta and red sauce every day. if we were to put up enough pasta sauce for the every day that would be nearing 800 pounds of tomatoes. hence the answer to pablo's question why do we need so many tomato plants?
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