Tuesday, August 01, 2006

our garden is blooming

as temperatures approach triple digits the kids stay inside the house playing things like thomas the tank engine and dolls. kassi, tristan and i have been playing cards--go fish. mostly it's me playing everyone else's hand and letting one or both of the kids win. we are expecting our first overnight guest--tabitha's mother. our house isn't really set up for it but i'm sure we'll make do. we put up some curtains as a privacy screen for the bathroom. that'll have to be fine. the wall flowers are shots from our garden this morning. we picked beets this morning along with tomatoes, beans, squash and cucumbers. we have sooo many green tomatoes right now i hope they all vine ripen. we want to can a couple hundred jars of marinara sauce, salsa and plain tomatoes. i repaired the door on the pump house and have decided that it stays fairly cool in there. cool enough to keep our canned goods. also as i finish the root-cellar i plan to mound dirt against the north and east side of the pump house. this should maintain a better constant temperature without the high humidity of the completed root cellar. i even have entertained the idea of putting a living roof on top of the pump house. this would help further to regulate the constant temperature. plus, it should be a nice test of a living roof system.
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