Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the big step

tabitha put most of kassi's diapers away yesterday. our 19 month old girl is done with those things. she had an accident yesterday but that is to be expected. we visited mike and nancy this weekend and kassi wouldn't use a strange potty. the held it the whole time until we got home.

church was a similar story except we left early because we knew she was holding it. tristan was so cute in church, when the pastor said "let us pray" he was standing next to me and tabitha was consoling kassi in the back viewing room, he promptly folded his hands and prayed. my heart melted. tabitha saw him do it too--oh the little things in life.

we hope hope hope that mike will come by with the tractor to turn the garden soon. we want to get the soil the rest of the way prepared before the deluge of pigs, cow, trees, dog and milk in a month.
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