Sunday, January 29, 2006

how much land do we have?

well the plot that we live on is five acres. the squatter lot just to the north of us is maybe two acres and the pond straddles the line to tabitha's grandmas three plus acres(which she says we can use[fence-in and make shaded pasture]). tabitha's father owns the property directly to the south of grandmas. we will develop the five acres and the very small area around the pond for our little homestead. the squatter lot will be pasture once we get the fence fixed.i left this photo large so you can zoom into it. i am standing at the edge of the pond pointing the camera toward tristan and the house. you can barely see tristan he is standing in the same place as the other photo of him in the woods(see below). i am cutting all the sapling trees from around the walk to and from the pond. our larger trees will appreciate the lack of competition for nutrients and water. this is the first step to making it shaded pasture. burning all the fallen oak leaves and under scrub will be next.
tabitha finished digging the four main holes for the milking shed only two more to go. i have cut three large cedars of the six necessary for our vertical posts. getting them to the shed (up the above path) is another story yet to be experienced.
a mule might come in handy for that or maybe a tractor. we have neither so it'll probably be me dragging all six of them across the property.

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Danielle said...

Yeah, a mule would definetly be a handy animal that would earn it's keep. I have an idea. If you have a couple strong men you work with, you may entice them over with offering supper at the house. Kinda like the Amish do. They help eachother out and then eat a huge meal together for reward and fellowship. It's a thought. Tabitha could make some ham n' beans with cornbread and a dessert or some kinda chowder. Usually soups are fairly easy and she could even make it early in the day and then just put it on warm in a crockpot. I'm just thinking, even if you only invited one other strong guy over, it would keep you from overdoing it.

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