Friday, January 27, 2006


she's all grown up. all but completely potty learned.

she is usually the second person to awake. this morning she ran out to the kitchen barely able to see from the light difference. i picked her up and she clamped onto me a full body hug--legs, arms and head nuzzling into my neck. i love her so much.

i asked her if she wanted to go potty--"uh huh." she always needs a book to read while sitting there.

we had popcorn last night. the kids love it and it seems to calm them. there was much gnashing of teeth over the loss of television last night. we can't see our way clear to return the privilege anytime soon since their behavior has made such a dramatic change. maybe we'll implement a friday-night movie-night or something in the near future.

today will be a big work day. i'll report in later hopefully with photos of progress.


uncle matt said...

Bless her heart! But, wait, SHE needs a book when she goes potty? Or are you projecting?

pablo said...

good news all the way around. I'm eager for your next post too.

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