Tuesday, January 10, 2006

good bye coco

coco our rooster will meet his end today. he attacked kassi the other day and i almost killed him that day. we thought it was a freak occurrence especially since kassi trails after him and tries to pick him up. she learned to stay away from the chickens. but yesterday, coco attacked tristan from behind. tristan even had his wooden sword and was tring to hit him away. the bird kept coming for more until tristan had scratches on his back. meanwhile i was running toward them. i would have killed him then if i could have caught him. today is his last day on earth. he is beautiful and does a good job of herding his ladies around but this kind of behavior is not tolerated around here. he had his chance. he is just a bad chicken and will hopefully taste excellent!
our new plan is to get some cornish cross chicks in the spring and another rooster silver laced wyandot chick. we'll hand raise him like a pet until he can join the mob. then hopefully he'll be nice. the +'s will be our meat chickens to be butchered in early summer.
the goal is to have a sustaining flock where we don't have to buy anymore chicks. eventually we'll butcher the roos of the babys we raise and replace the hens as needed for laying. a little set back but not really a big deal. we'll probably get a turkey or two to raise for thanksgiving and christmas dinners also.
danielle, any advise about mixing the chickens and turkeys in the same coop?
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