Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the trees struck back

the other day while cutting innocent cedar trees one of the branches snapped from the weight of the large fell tree. it was 3 or 4 inches around. it hit my shin like a baseball bat. it incapacitated me for a while that day--20 minutes or so. then it continued to hurt but i kinda ignored it with the exception of taking advil. then, a couple of days later i awoke in severe pain and had to get up and ice it, take loads of advil and have tabitha make an arnica salve in the morning. well, i have been taking it easy and convinced that either i severely bruised the bone or maybe have a slight fracture. either way it is getting better but taking its sweet time.
over the past few days i have worked on removing most of that wood from the front yard--tiny wheelbarrow loads. i installed the rest of the kitchen under counter and over the sink lights. they look very cool and light things excellently. i cleaned up the garage a bit organized some of my tools. i also laid out the milking shed. the stakes are in, lines are strung and it is ready to start digging holes. we picked up some of the old windows from behind the garage and put them in the pump house. i posted the stainless steel kitchen sink on freecycle and hope to hear from someone soon. freecycle is very cool and i recommend it to all. there is usually a local chapter and you'd be surprised what useful stuff will come your way.
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