Saturday, January 28, 2006

chicken coop laying boxes

this is the path going toward the house from the pond & cedar grove. this whole wooded area will soon be shaded pasture.

these are the laying boxes that needed the add-on roof. they have spring loaded hinges to keep them closed for privacy.

this is the milking shed if you look closely enough you can see the pink leveling string and some of the holes are started for the cedar posts that'll support the roof.

the remaining roots that didn't burn. it takes a very hot fire to burn juicy roots. this pile was taller than tristan before we started the fire.
this is our murky pond. we need to get the water tested since it seems oddly dark. the piles of dirt behind the milking shed location obstruct a trench of bulldozed old house that needs to be burned and dosed back over it. it might have had some toxic crap that ran down hill into our pond--and that would stink.

the tree that was looming over our garage and this new fence is gone. we are glad to have it out of our reality.

it's raining here finally. we are still about a foot short for rain fall this year. our fancy rain gauge tells us that we have an inch since last night.

tabitha has purchased four piglets. they'll arrive in about a month. we need to be ready for them soon. i'd like to electric fence-in the pond if it tests out ok. they'd really like a pond and it'd be good for the pond too.

our dog should also arrive around the same time.

so everything will be happening in about a month. garden, pigs, new calf (milking every day), new puppy and other spring stuff to deal with. my regular blogging might slow down then.
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