Thursday, January 19, 2006

the mystery is solved

it wasn't a broken bone but a huge piece of cedar almost the width of a pencil. it was in my leg and i didn't even know it was there. of course it hurt but i was convinced it was a bruised or broken bone because it felt so deep. yeah, the reason it felt so deep was because it WAS deep--close to two inches long. the gaping hole left in my leg was huge and didn't close up until much later. when it came out it was like a projectile shooting across the bath tub almost hitting tristan who was sitting on the edge of the tub waiting to get in. tabitha tried to take a photo of the wound but they all came out blurry. amazing

i'm going to heal up today and take it easy.

yesterday we dug and pulled a huge pile of roots from our garden plot. probably three wheelbarrow loads. the main stump is gone. tabitha and i were threatening to celebrate with a glass of wine but i started to get physically ill. flue like symptoms. that is one of the reasons for soaking in a really hot bath. the other reason was because i was filthy. plus my leg was beginning to really hurt again even all hopped-up on advil.
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