Saturday, January 14, 2006

if you could burn roots

this afternoon tabitha and i dug up roots from our garden bed. i wish we had the insight to use the sugar creek method (pigs to do the up-rooting and tilling). our deadline is too tight to do anything except dig up the roots by hand. the pile of roots setting next to our garden from this afternoon effort could heat our house for a couple of days if it were dried wood of the same quantity.
the weather has been remarkably warm and spring-like. grass is sprouting in our burned pasture from the warm spell we have been having.
the pastor from the local church has stopped by for the second time. i guess we are considered fresh meat. even though we have lived her for six months. this is the bible belt ya know...

my list:
get fell tree from pasture cut up and converted to fire wood
same as above with two trees in the front yard
milking shed
cut nine cedar trees from back of property for posts
cut & peel a few tall skinny oak trees for beams
layout the posts and subsequent post holes
get a load of gravel for:
french drains around milking shed
rubble trench foundation
get a load of sand for:
mortar for the rock foundation
cob plaster for straw bale exterior
lime plaster for final protection against weather
get 20 or so straw bales to use as
scaffolding and general construction efforts
then for mulch in the garden
get two or three loads of cedar saw dust for mulch for garden
fence row on north side of house:
set corner two corner posts
get cedar posts from across street
set gate posts for drive-in gate
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