Saturday, January 14, 2006


after a week of doing almost nothing except cutting down innocent cedar trees--to be burned in place by the state of missouri. only the government could figure a deal like this one. they could easily have sold the rights to log the area for $20k. instead, they are paying my boss thousands of dollars to cut the cedars for burning later.

home for the weekend of work and being THE ONCE-LER, this morning i fell a large american elm aka:(piss-elm in these parts). tabitha and i cut it up and burned it in a bonfire. it's almost 2 pm and the fire should consume most of it while we work on our garden plot. now i'll be after the tree roots in the garden. there is no stopping THE ONCE-LER.

photos to come.

we use the magnet after bonfires for removing all metal (nails, wire and rusty bits of cans) from the ashes.


Danielle said...

What a great idea to use a magnet to get the crap out of your ashes. Will you be putting the ashes in your garden soil?

karl said...

yes, almost a necessity here since the top soil is very acidic from all the decomposed oak leaves. we'll probably have to get some hydrated lime for our garden also. we plan mulch of cedar sawdust from the local saw mill. that should help too. the good thing is tomatoes like acidic soil.

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