Saturday, January 07, 2006

trees, trrees and more trees

after four days my closest estimation is that i have cut over 700 cedar trees down and probably closer to 1200 especially if you count the little scrub around eight feet tall.

most of the cedar is standing alone but i cut a huge patch yesterday amidst deciduous trees. they were much taller and much much more difficult to fell. they were constantly getting hung up in the other trees. the cedars were just as dense just add a bunch of oak and hickory into the fray. most of them were over thirty feet until their first branch. i learned alot about how to un-hang trees. over the past few days my knowledge of falling trees is grown immensely. dan, a real lumberjack who was helping us, gave me several pointers. i had plenty of trees to practice on. i'm getting pretty confident.
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