Sunday, January 22, 2006

the cat is fixed

our cat is now without reproductive abilities. not that she doesn't come from an excellently long line of polydactyllians and doesn't deserve to reproduce. we just know where all her aunts, cousins and siblings live. in fact she might very well be her own aunt. anyway we know where plenty of kittens are and don't need to be the local kitty farrowing house.
she is a good cat, in my opinion, not worth the "show vet" price. but up until this point only the best for sylvia.
speaking of six toed paws--tabitha got into a semantic argument with the vet's assistant regarding the use of polydactyl versus polydactyly(*). tabitha's argument was; she was using polydactyl as an adjective not the noun. anyway, the girl ended up being her childhood best friend. weird stuff. there wasn't a huge reunion or anything since amanda was very derogatory toward her daughter "the little monster" and doesn't deserve to be called by her real name because she isn't a lady yet. f*%k*ng bitch, i hate her and only met her for 5 min. there should be a law that parents should love their children so much that they are treated like the magical angels that they are. it is the parents fault if they aren't magical angels anyway.
alright, i'm over it... i never have to meet her again. but i still can't help feeling badly for her daughter.

the garden is ready for the tractor--we pulled all the roots, stumps and rocks that we came across. i'm sure that there are plenty more but we need a mechanized turning of the soil before we continue. oh the pile of roots was huge. we burned most of them in a pile in the center of the garden as a threat to any errant roots that might consider invading our precious garden plot in the future.

today we are going to try to go to a church. scary stuff--especially here in the bible belt. i want the kids to meet some local wholesome playmates. personally, i just want to be left alone while at church. God and i have our own personal arrangement and we don't need anyone else involved trying to confuse the situation.

i spoke with my best friend (uncle matt to my kids) last night. i really do miss him. there is nothing else that i left in california that even comes close to how much i/we miss him. we love you matt and wish you were here.

(*) i later found out that polydactyl is the "preferred" adj and noun in modern english. ha, take that amanda--lousy parent....
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