Sunday, May 29, 2005

things i will miss

up until now i have been thinking a lot of things i won't miss.

like, the layer of grey-black smog dust i have to wipe off of everything in my home. (this is part of living anywhere near a freeway).

or, the smell of the downstairs taqueria's dumpster.

but today i am thinking of things i will miss.

fabrics. dear lord, the fabrics here. you can get anything.
sushi. don't tell me you can get sushi there, because you cannot.
avocados. mangoes. fresh citrus.
organic junk food.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Radiant heat & instant hot water

I'm removing one of these that is 6 years old and very tempermental from a client's home. I hope to keep it for our house. It'll supply heat for our impending radiant system and the domestic hot water. It is small, only 2.9 gallons per minute--one shower at a time please. The solar hot water system should keep this outta work most of the summer and I plan a flue water heater from the wood stove for the winter months. this little guy ($4500 when new) will have an easy retirement at our cottage.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

bulk is a beautiful thing.

what will we do with all this stuff? well, some of it will go in these jars.

the kids seem to like it. we have:
25lbs organic whole wheat pastry flour.
25lbs organic red wheat flour
33 lbs rapadura
25 lbs organic cane crystals
10lbs brown molasses sugar
5lbs soda
5lbs baking powder
25lbs organic black beans
30lbs organic roasted peanuts (for peanut butter)
25lbs organic brown rice
50lbs organic soybeans. (for making soymilk, tofu)

Monday, May 16, 2005

hooray for friends!

norah & co gave us a big water bath canner! this will do us well until we can afford the pressure canner 'o' dreams.

thanks so much!

waterbath, or something like it.

pressure canner "o" dreams.
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