Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Time flies

The past two years since we have left Missouri many things have changed. I got my old and favorite job back. We moved back to Alameda. We rekindled many old relationships and started many more. We found a church that we love. California has embraced us with love and family. I fell sick with a bacterial infection which destroyed my heart valve. I had open heart surgery. Tabitha and the kids were horror struck with the possibility of loosing me. Our church (family), my coworkers (family), our friends (family) and neighbors (family) came to our rescue. Things were very bad but we were surrounded by love and compassion.

My recovery has been amazing, by the grace of God. Life since the operation has been gradually better and better. Kassi, Toly and Tristan take amazing art classes. We ride down to the beach on our bikes often--Rome loves the water. Tristan foil fences at the local academy. I usually go and watch him. Although, last night was my first time watching in a few weeks. He is amazing. He is really skilled, compassionate, gracious and loves it. I have gotten several promotions at work. Mostly I do what I love, so it is not really like work.

Our church is beyond words. The impossible happened we love our church so much that we miss it all week. Some of my older friends know how amazing this is. My oldest friends likely see it as a home coming.

Never during the past years did we imagine that we could own a house in California in a neighborhood that we could settle. Now it is really happening. The blessed grace that I feel overwhelms me. Thank you everyone that helped us and continue to help us. We are truly blessed to have you all.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A test of faith

So we have been trying to buy this house. It has been one crazy roller coaster. The crazy peaks and unsettling dips seem to get bigger and deeper not closer together like they should. Anyone in the house buying market right now can attest these are crazy times.

I am resigning myself that this is a lesson of the classic Serenity prayer. "May God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference." Boy that prayer is surely a tall order. It is the keynote in all the twelve step programs for good reason.

I have managed to mostly convince myself that I have enough wisdom that us getting into this house is Gods will. So we have been taking several leaps of faith. Our risk is financial and wouldn't ruin us--nearly though. The true ruin would come with the emotional heartbreak if this were to somehow fall through.

We love this house. It would be more perfect than any other house we could afford. We are in the final throws of the battle with lenders, seller and insurances. It is so scary and consumes many of my mental cycles that I have available at any moment.

My only prayer for this is that it is Gods will. The photo shows part of the backyard. Most, if not all, of the concrete would get removed and become garden. The yard is exceptionally large for Berkeley. †

Friday, July 06, 2012

Summer camp

Tristan and Kassi have been at summer camp all week. Tabitha and the boys drove them out there last Sunday after church. Tabitha and the young boys stayed overnight and visited the giant sequoias and swam in their pool.
We are leaving this morning to go get them. I will take photos and share.

The house buying is going well. We find ourselves chatting and planning as if it is already ours. It would be bitter heartbreak if things fell through at this late date. Tabitha has been amazing weaving through the bureaucracy and continually saving us money and unnecessary troubles.
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