Sunday, June 12, 2016

Kitchen Plumbing

The kitchen faucet resting in its future home--the tile backsplash isn't done yet. We bought our faucet and pot-filler from Signature Hardware. They are awesome, their customer service is exactly what you want when buying a product that you expect to last your lifetime--made in USA.
Gigi decided to "help" me plumb the drain from the sink.
She is too cute.
"I loves yous da-da--what every father wants to hear.
Here I'm adjusting the height of "fritz" the dishwasher. Yes, we are those-people, we give names to everything. Naming kitchen appliances started way back during our preparation to move to Missouri. The Wedgewood stove we bought was named Hubert by urban ore--they name all their antique stoves for sale. Tristan named our old dishwasher Fred, we wore Fred out. Luckily we bought a four year extended warranty and qualified for complete reimbursement toward a new dishwasher. We upgraded to German engineering and this one got a German version of Fred--Fritz.

  • Dishwasher = Fritz
  • Wedgewood Stove = Merrick
  • Wall Oven = Hieronymus
  • Pot-filler = Katara
  • Range-hood = Winston
  • Fridge = Sam

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