Sunday, March 13, 2011

I actually have free time

If forecasters are correct, gas prices are threatening to reach previously unimaginable highs. I have been getting my old bicycle ready to commute back and forth to work. I had to put new tires on it because while scrubbing the decade of dust off it the inner tube popped out the sidewall. I put slick narrow street tires on it. It got a new seat about a month ago.

I bought a new set of battery powered work tools. I got a set containing a new drill, impact driver, sawzall, and circular saw. My old dewalt set has had battery issues and finally the sawzall broke. For the purchase price of new batteries and repair cost of my sawzall I bought a shiny new set.


I will keep my old dewalt set at home so I can work on stuff around here. Frequently charging crappy batteries at home is more acceptable than at work.

This works into my bicycling commute plan perfectly since I will no longer have to transport my work tools home every time I need to get something done at home.

I also re-purposed an old bike trailer into a commuter cargo trailer.

I can use this instead of the car for many things.

The kids are loving California. Kassi's art class is wonderful. She is learning single point perspective. I love the art that she brings home. Tristan started archery instruction.

He is so excited about it. Toly loves bicycling around. His passion for his bicycle is wonderful.

In fact, I am going to take them for a bike ride...
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