Monday, July 04, 2016


Lately, we have been utilizing our membership fairly extensively.

Tristan and Kassi are reasonable swimmers, easily passing the "deep-end" test. Toly can pass the test but struggles because he is one of those sinking people--no body fat and dense bones. Rome has just started swimming with complete confidence. He ventures into the deeper side of the shallow end (over his head) and easily swims back to where he can stand, head out. He can do three underwater back-summersaults in a row. Georgi is just starting her swimming career. She loves it, she clings like a monkey riding me like I'm a dolphin. She also will allow me to hold her nose and take her "down there" under water. She is so confident that she'll lay her head back while I support her, just exposing her face above the water.

The Berkeley Y.M.C.A is an awesome place. They have three pools. Family swim is in "Grace's pool" the one with the deep end.

Tabitha and Tristan plan to take swimming lessons to learn to lap-swim. I love lap-swimming. It would be a great way for both of them to get no-impact exercise.

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