Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas photos

making cookies

colored pencil holders, and pajamas by tabitha. i made the castle facade. the kids were up past two am. a reasonable person might think that they would sleep past the crack of dawn--but NO.

fairy princess outfit from my parents.

blurry dance.

tolys new cape by tabitha. yes it is magical and will make the wearer take flight.

the chin scruff is from a pre-cape landing.

kassi is dragging rome into the photo wearing his new pajamas. while kassi is sporting her new dress that tabitha also made.

redecorating the boxes was an attempt at extending the gift opening era.

father and son glued to the new zelda game.

rome really likes his plane.

it snowed indoors too..

sweet satisfaction.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

secrecy forces me not to blog

it might be just wishful thinking but henry might be getting slightly better. please keep those collective conscious thoughts flowing. there is no news on the tristan front except that he doesn't have TB. probably tomorrow we'll know something about the blood-work that was sent last week. if this were a TV episode we'd already have the results. i wonder which geographically impaired lab they are using?

i have been making presents for the kids. tristan reads this blog so i can't tell you yet nor show photos of progress. you'll just have to wait like the kids, sorry. the kids are really excited. toly wants me to decorate the exterior of the house. i might have to crumble under his innocent pleas. the kids will have an excellent christmas in spite of our financial woes. the home-made things we have collectively mustered will make a christmas to remember.

pandora has been keeping us in a steady flow of christmas music. the kids know the words to most of the christmas music available. i admit i'm a little overwhelmed by it. anticipation hangs thick around here. kassi has been wrapping random stuff and putting it under the tree. i had to put my foot down after the tv remote got "lost" in some wrapping paper.

Monday, December 14, 2009

nothing good to report

henry has taken a turn for the worse. every morning when i go out to see him i creep up on him like i would if he were the grim reaper. his breathing is very shallow. i can't muster the will to put him down. every evening i wishfully entertain that he might pull out of it.

tristan has been sickly for the past few weeks. migratory lymph node swelling with pain. we find out about scheduling for a biopsy later today. the doctor is sure that it isn't anything really serious but has no real answers.

sorry to complain but i was feeling like a slacker and not posting. there is really nothing else consuming my brains processor right now.

the greenhouse took a mild setback during a cold night last week. i have installed a new heating method and things are alright for now.

i passed my certification test 90%. i can't get get certified yet because i took the harder test trying for a higher certification. they sent me a letter of decline because my lack of experience in the field. i have 12 months to reapply with further hours-in-field and training, otherwise i have to re-test.

this is a homemade christmas this year. purchased toys are at an all time low. we are struggling to make time to work on gifts. nosy kids attempt to thwart our every effort at secrecy.
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