Thursday, June 30, 2005

Three more days

This is my last day at work. I have to go through seperating my tools from SLPs. What a pain that'll be. Most of the tools are mine. But, I am really going to miss

SLPs dewalt kit.
-- saws-all
-- hammer drill
-- impact wrench
-- grinder
-- skill saw
-- light
This kit is such a well rounded tool suite that my tools will be left with a gaping hole. No need to mention the ease and flexability of 18v power.

ho hum:(

There is too much to do in the few short days left, whew--it's daunting just to think about.

un-hook the washer drier
pick-up the radial arm saw
pick-up the 4 solar collectors and boiler/water-heater

things to remember...
solar collector & tank on roof
wagon in stair well
rug on roof

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers day to me

My magical beautiful daughter was my fathers day gift last year. Having her is like a huge piece was added to my soul. I feel so much joy from her everyday that sometimes I can hardly stand it.

This year gets to ride last years coat-tails as far as gifts go. In fact, there are several years credit in there somewhere.

My Wonderous Angel
Kassiopeia Saffron Rose O'Melay

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why we are moving

Our two angels need need need a home--not a studio appartment. Tabitha and I both grew up with grass between our toes and climbing trees. These kids deserve the same kind of freedoms. The internet is great. The world is truely flat in its wake. We are finding like-minded people near where we plan to move and that is comforting.

Friday, June 10, 2005

dewalt radial arm saw

somewhere in time i recall my father telling me that if you endeavour to build a house and were to own only one saw it must be a radial arm saw. well a customer just gave me a 1968 dewalt radial arm saw. this is a gem, there are huge user groups and books published about this no longer manufactured item. i wouldn't be supprised to find a sonnet about it's precision. they re-manufacture these and sell them for thousands of dollars. this one has been dormant in the garage of one of my clients for ten plus years and he gave it to me. i am so excited.

this is what it looks like.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

strawbale construction in action

I have been installing radiant heat in a huge house in los altos hills. strawbale construction earth/lime plaster, i'm installing radiant heat in slab in the basement, in gybcrete on second story and thermal board on the third.

it has been great to see professional contractors use these alternative materials. the lime plasterers are especially cool. lime is amazing stuff. it cracked like hell on the first application but within 24 hours they came back with a spray bottle with water & a little filler and repaired every crack. then in 10 days or so they put on the 2nd coat only a few slight hairline cracks arose. likewize within 24hours they sprayed & troweled out all the cracks. none of which were in the same spot as the previous cracks had been. finally i'm going down to see the color coat this next week.

the house is enourmous, easily cost 3 million to build. it seems odd to take a grass-roots construction method taken to this extreeme. i'm sure it isn't saving him any money but (in my opinion) it will be a very cool example of what can be done with natural materials.

this shows the gybcrete pour it went on like leveling compound (soupy) and was hard within 90 min. just on the left is the initial scrach-coat over the strawbales.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The packing has begun

food storage solution
yes, we know it's just plastic buckets--but the lids screw on.

can you buy organic bread in missouri?
hopefully we won't have too. our first batch was a complete failure. organic yeast is total crap. we got this little guy at a garage sale (cheap, new in box)

and we are only 1/4 packed
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