Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you

I hope to be beginning again in earnest to post to this blog. This past year has been a whirlwind of extremes. With so much drama it has seemed rather soap-opera-ish to talk of our daily lives. Having a dearth of cool projects to pore over and recant doesn't help.

How we are all doing:

My job is amazing! I love it. My spiritual world has amplified such to leave me sated in a way never before dreamed.

Tabitha, my miraculous wife, is doing very well. California agrees with her. She is beautiful and I am certainly only one of the many that think so.

Tristan, brilliant boy that he is, makes me proud everyday. Kind, gentle, fair and amazing are words that others use to describe him to me regularly. Fencing, singing and learning are his world right now. Soon he'll be able to beat me at chess--and I am no slouch. He has a profoundly stronger mind than I and he is only nine.

Kassi, my princess artist, sees the world with such razor clarity. She easily captures the essence of things when she draws or paints. Ballet and art are her world.

Toly, the engineer, is compelled to know how everything works, where every pipe or wire lead. His passion is not of this world yet contained in his strong and able body. The leader of the duo-of-naughtiness--with a will of steel.

Rome, my baby of three years, is the Kwisatz Haderach combining the best of all three of his siblings in a crescendo of sweet brilliance. able comrade in the duo-of-naughtiness--in charge of schemes and conspiracies.


I am so excited for the day that Tristan really beats me at chess. I can hardly wait... Just in the past few weeks his brain has obviously changed to see many possible futures and how he might affect them. Exciting times at the pile of omelays.

I am sure that fencing (aka: physical chess) is a great contributor to this development.
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