Sunday, June 30, 2013

Local forager

We have gradually ventured on bikes further and further from our home. Our latest discovery is the bike path that traverses Berkeley through Albany and onto El Cerrito ending finally in Richmond. We only went as far as El Cerrito. It is an amazing ride along and above the BART installation. It winds through houses and parks with little pit stops for sitting and enjoying the scenery.  The kids love to ride bikes. Rome is still on the trail-a-bike so we go at a pretty good pace.

We are continually on the lookout for ripe berries and fruit. Blackberries are in season as well as Plums and Loquats. Wild plumbs are on the backside of their season and very sweet--too sweet. Blackberries were a huge hit. The kids love them and as we rode along they would yell-out "BLACKBERRIES" as we came upon a patch. We found a Santa Rosa Plum hanging low over the bike path laden with fruit. Kassi was standing on my shoulders tossing down fruit while rest of were eating them almost as fast.

I just went to and mapped our route 13.5 miles. we did that route yesterday and the day before. Over 25 miles in two days is quite a bit for our first rides.


In other news Toly and Tabitha's garden is doing amazing. We have eaten several tomatoes even a cherokee purple. There should be a flood of tomatoes very soon. We have a couple of small squash and similarly sized cucumbers--a couple more days for them. We have eaten two eggplants. Pole beans are just reaching to climb. There have been dozens of meals of swiss chard. The dill has bloomed and forming seed heads. Toly and rome have eaten a few carrots--albeit one was baby one.

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