Sunday, February 25, 2007

gardening has begun

i roto-tilled a few rows of the garden and planted about three pounds of onion sets. these are the local grocery store variety *red*.
we have several hundred plants arriving in the mail in a week or so. they will fill out the rest of the the prepared soil.

the root cellar is coming along nicely. we had over an inch of rain during the last storm. normally that'd have left standing water in the cellar but my drainage measures seem to be working so far--
i shouldn't have any problems once all drainage measures are in place. this photo shows most of the progress that i have made. additionally, there are a few more earth bags in the front and i have started the entry rock-work. i had to figure my entry a little differently since the water main needs insulation and enough cover to keep from freezing. that insulation and back-fill buffer encroached into my original plan.

rosie is really turning out to be great dog. tabitha spent a few minutes with her and taught her to roll over. she really really wants to please. she mostly meets all of my expectations chickens are completely off limits and she knows it. she will stop in her tracks and sit down where ever i command. she has almost completely stopped licking and she does her business in the far corner of the yard. additionally, she likes to hang-out with me when i work in the forest. she knows that she is not to go through any yard gate without permission. she is such a good dog and will sit and wait at any gate for me to come back through.


tansy said...

can i send my dog to you for some discipline? :D what is your secret?

we get our onions from the same place you ordered i think the first of march. i went in with a few friends and we bought a huge amount so they'd be really inexpensive. i ended up getting 6 bunches. i think i'll be extremely busy once they arrive! guess i should decide which bed i'll be planting them in and get it prepared, that would be the smart thing to do.

the cellar is coming along nicely.

Danielle said...

I'm so longing for a yard to start our life in. Joe and I were out and about over the weekend and we saw asparagus, strawberry, scallion and onion sets being sold. We also saw grape vines and blueberry bushes for sale and our hearts were torn for this spring we won't be planting.

Omelay said...


rosie is just a good dog--all luck. i have high expectations from our dog and she lives up to them. the onions we bought were kinda expensive but i hope their worth it.


yes you are not a person that should be without a spring garden. i think of you guys often and hope you get settled soon.

sugarcreekfarm said...

How lucky to be digging this time of year - we just got another foot of snow (over an inch and a half of ice) with more on the way yet this week. And my husband says we live too far "south".

Gracious Acres said...

So jealous of your early gardening endeavors! Like Kelli, we were in the middle of that big ice storm last weekend and my garden is SOOO not tillable for at least another month. Glad to hear Rosie is turning out to be a good farm dog - - you are very fortunate!

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