Sunday, March 25, 2007

spring is here

my little tree hugger. picassa lost kassi's photo. i'll make a big post with kassiopeia in all her princessly glory.

rosie really likes her dog house

i turned all the compost--probably three yards worth. i had to build a huge temporary compost bin. it is roughly 4' by 4' by 4'. this new one took the overflow from my other three compost bins. i plan a whole new system for any new manure and refuse. three new bins will be constructed using seven pallets and my existing cedar poles. the pallets will make up three sides of the system and the poles will hold in the front. the poles will be able to come out for easy shoveling and turning.

it is truly spring we picked and ate our very first asparagus. there were no other arrivals but we are hopeful for bounty to come.

the root cellar is coming along nicely. i still need to put in the wood support. the next step will be to purchase cement and fiber reinforcement.

our peach tree is blooming. no fruit this year--we are in this for the long haul.


tansy said...

we have lots of 2-3 year asparagus...they are so cute and tiny! they just popped up yesterday, amazing how quickly things emerge.

next year, yum!

the root cellar is looking good.

Anonymous said...

Your asparagus photo answered our own asparagus question. We have some in the fence row but always forget it is there because it is in the back corner of the pasture. We looked for it yesterday but weren't sure when it would come up. You are a bit south of us so I imagine we have a few weeks to wait. Keep the pictures coming!

Anonymous said...

That boy is getting big! Does he drive yet?


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for our wild asparagus to arrive. That and morel mushrooms are what spring is all about!

Walter Jeffries said...

That is obscene. You have asparagus coming up and we still have several feet of snow on the ground. I'm jealoooouuus! Looks tasty! The root cellar looks like it is coming along well. Be sure the lath is well supported before plastering it with the concrete. I'm starting ceilings, or at least models of ceilings.

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