Sunday, May 25, 2008

spring growth

jerusalem artichokes are growing like crazy.

chard, broccoli and cabbage

cucumbers and squash

tomatoes coming to the front

tabitha's hive just waking up. we will put the new hive bottoms on very soon.

this is the "not-lot". i brush hogged it and we set up a perimeter electric fence for the cows to graze in down. most of the electric fence isn't really shown. it is just a two strand step in style. the cows really appreciate it.

the asparagus let to grow out. we'll need to weed, amend and mulch it today.

the peach tree is very happy here.

peaches are so tasty

one of the kittens

hermoine is teaching them to be real farm cats. they are already hunting and fighting over the carcass of the moles and stuff.


did you say hello?

happy chickens make good eats.

boca is back. we are going to feed her out and eat her. boca burgers;)

rory is officially pregnant with a show-bull semen. hooray

nimue is due in september


Anonymous said...

Everybody looks delicious!

Ron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tansy said...

it's all looking wonderful! the artichokes seem to have settled in nicely!

boca burgers sound delicious...and boca steaks, and boca roast...

how big are the not lots?

Anonymous said...

it all looks so happy! yum!

Anonymous said...

I can't keep up with all of your work. I'm exhausted just from reading about your garden!

Unknown said...

oh karl, it all looks awesome!! you are such an inspiration! good job my friend..:)

Lisa said...

I just love farm pictures!! They are the best!

Juddie said...

Oh! I've only just discovered your blog but I love it, and will drop by regularly from now on! Looks as though you're doing really well on your farm and I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing :-)

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